Who is Sexy & Wealthy in Heels?

Sexy= being confident with the person you are.  It is NOT how you look, your body type or age.

Wealthy= having a brand and lifestyle that is sustainable and makes you love the life you live.  It’s NOT about having fancy, material “things” or a ton of money in the bank.

It’s about being happy and successful in ALL areas of your life.


The Sexy & Wealthy in Heels community is geared towards helping females succeed on their paths of female entrepreneurship. We train and inspire women to not only build sustainable and profitable businesses, but to keep “sexy” in the process. We are creating a movement of fab’ women who are helping other female entrepreneurs be confident and empowered in their business and life.

Sexy & Wealthy in Heels is committed to regularly host interactive seminars, workshops and events to discuss important aspects of female entrepreneurship and success.  Our seminars and events will provide networking opportunities to help your business and life to be profitable and sustainable… wearing heels of course.