Signature Seminars

At Sexy & Wealthy in Heels, we offer signature seminars and events that help female entrepreneurs down their path of entrepreneurship.  Our seminars and events are educational, inspiring and a great opportunity to meet other female entrepreneurs in your city.  Here is our signature line-up:

  • Brand U
    In Brand U, we discuss the importance of marketing and how proper processes are crucial to sell your product/service and your brand experience. We explore promotional techniques and perfect personal branding, to essentially, make your brand money.
  • Fab Female Entrepreneurette Award logo
    The Fab Female Entrepreneurette Awards is an evening that celebrates women entrepreneurship and their accomplishments.  Hosted in various cities, this is an event that highlights and applauds women doing great things in business… and life.  Whether you are a tech start-up, mom-preneur or personal brand, this is an opportunity for women to congratulate, educate and empower other females.  We want to highlight all of the fierce and fabulous Girl Bosses out there.
  • Leading-In-Heels
    In Leading in Heels, we discuss the importance of leadership and empowerment for women in today’s society. We discuss various types of leadership and the most effective for women in business. We also engage in healthy conversations about female leadership with women entrepreneurs who have been successful in this realm. It’s women’s turn to lead in heels.
  • Making-Money-in-Heels

In Making Money in Heels, we talk about women and their relationship with money.  We        discuss the importance of women taking leadership roles in their finance and being motivated to generate sustainable incomes.  We bring together experts in this field to create meaningful and educational discussions about money matters.

  • Money-Management-FB
    A true independent woman is someone who is confident, empowered and self-sufficient, in all areas of their life- including finances. When it comes to money, women are “scared” to talk about it, are less confident and less likely to take revenue-generating risks, as compared to their male counterparts. In Money Management for Ladies, your relationship with money with be changed, as we will talk directly to women from a female perspective.

  • Goal setting and planning is the cornerstone for success; a goal without planning is just a wish.  In the interactive seminar, we review business theory, have guest speakers and a planning 101 panel to review the goal setting process, success mindset and effective planning tips.  Be prepared to plan for your success.
  • power panel

The Power Panel features seven (7) women business leaders who are making a difference in their industries.  All women have thriving businesses that are successful and helping other women be fabulous. Learn success and money tips from leading fabulous females, in this inspirational, interactive and educational seminar.

  • Publish U logo_1

In partnership with Influence Publishing.  How do you make your brand stand out and establish yourself as the “go to” expert that the media wants to interview?  You can strengthen your brand by showcasing your expertise in blogs, articles and social media postings, establishing yourself as the expert in your field.  Make yourself stand out even more by turning those blogs and articles into a published written book.  Publish U will give you the insight, knowledge and motivation to make the next step into publishing.

  • Successful-Fabulous-101-300x122
    In Successful & Fabulous 101, we explore ten (10) ways every female entrepreneurs can be successful and fabulous in their business and life. You will be educated and inspired as we “walk” through a checklist that will have you “strutting” to success.
  • SITC Horiontal Logo
    Success in the City is a seminar-style forum that will feature experts in various areas essential to the urban woman’s lifestyle- beauty, sex/relationships, finance, careers, fashion, nutrition and fitness. Our mission is to educate, inspire and connect the new demographic of young, independent, ambitious women in our city.
  • SuccessBABE Retreat

    The SuccessBABE Business & Lifestyle Retreat is an intensive “success getaway” for women.  Over a few days, you will gain insightful knowledge and expertise on theories and techniques to help you build your OWN success plan in business and life.  Various modules will be covered including branding, wealth building, business planning, sales, success mindset, lifestyle management, etc. and will be accompanied by an interactive manual. One-on-one consultation, daily workouts, night outs, spa services and dinners are also included so you feel like a true SuccessBABE.  SWH members receive a discount.

  • #SB-BusinessIntensive
    The SuccessBABE™ Intensive Business Training Course is an exclusive 4-month transformational journey for you and your business- for women serious and dedicated about being successful. If you want to build a profitable and sustainable business, grow a community and are highly committed to your outcome, we want to work with you.  Click here for more information.
  • SWH
    In our networking events and mastermind meetings, we get serious about business training and engaging conversations.  Our mastermind meetings are filled with energy of ambitious, fabulous female entrepreneurs, ready to learn, collaborate and succeed.  The meetings may include Guest Speakers, covering a new topic every month that is essential for business success.  In addition to featured learning, you will also have the opportunity to discuss your current business goals and questions, to the supportive peer group.

Visit our search page to find a seminar or event in your area.  To view pictures of our past events, please visit our event albums online.