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Become part of a fabulous, sassy female entrepreneur community.  Who says you can’t be smart, sexy and successful?

The Sexy & Wealthy in Heels community is geared towards helping females succeed in their paths of female entrepreneurship. We train and inspire women to not only build sustainable and profitable businesses, but to keep “sexy” in the process.  We are creating a movement of fab’ women who are helping other females be smart, sexy and successful.

The Sexy & Wealthy in Heels we offer two types of memberships: (1) City membership and (2) Digital membership.  Both includes your access to our possé and great supportive network of fabulous ladies.  You will receive resources and exposure that will help your business be profitable and sustainable.

As a city member, you receive:

  • Complimentary passes to all Sexy & Wealthy in Heels’ signature seminars and events, in your selected city
  • Complimentary access to all educational webinars via the Sexy & Wealthy in Heels and DivaGirl communities
  • Complimentary access to any Sexy & Wealthy in Heels’ mastermind meetings hosted in your selected city
  • Discounted rates on our Power Ladies Lunch Series and VIP Masterminds in all cities offered
  • Up to two (2) free guest passes, per year, to your city’s Sexy & Wealthy in Heels’ seminars/events
  • Up to 50% off all Sexy & Wealthy in Heels’ signature seminars and events, in other franchised cities
  • Opportunity to be featured in our Fabulous Friday Features 
  • Discounted consulting rates with Sexy & Wealthy in Heels Consultants
  • Up to 10% off our Beauty Babe Academy course and/or SuccessBABE Business & Financial Intensive Training Program
  • 50% off to the annual Toronto DivaGirl Conference; and a complimentary conference pass if you are a member 2+ years
  • Up to 20% off any advertising or vendor packages for Sexy & Wealthy in Heels
  • Network with a group of leading female entrepreneurs and leaders in your city—relationships that will be priceless
  • Invites to our #SWHTweetChats 
  • Discounts on our SuccessBABE Business & Lifestyle Retreats
  • Inclusion in our private membership Facebook group
  • Rate*: $125 CDN + HST/year.  Please note that your membership must be active in order for you to receive full benefits.

As a digital member, you receive:

*After you complete your registration, your first membership payment will be deducted from your PayPal account. Your membership fees will be automatic on an annual basis, from the date that you sign up. There are no refunds after payment has been submitted.

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