Laura Furtado


Empowering women… to live and love their business and life.

Laura Furtado, building a millionaire net worth by her early 30s, has successfully been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and is currently bi-coastal between Toronto & Vancouver. She is a serial entrepreneurial, being Founder/Owner of DivaGirl, Sexy & Wealthy in Heels, SucessBABE and Divas Abroad.

Laura, a successful international Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer, Speaker, Consultant & Mentor, is the Founder & Owner of DivaGirl.  DivaGirl is a lifestyle community for women consisting of 6 pillars: DivaGirl Fitness (fitness division); DivaGirl Entertainment (professional dance division), DivaGirl Beauty (beauty and empowerment division), DivaGirl-Preneur (women in business division) and DivaGirl Nutrition (nutrition division) and DivaGirl Fashion (fashion & style division).  Her community spans over 13K women across North America.  With over 28+ years of experience in the dance and fitness realms, she has made a presence across North America and Europe, including Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine and Portugal.  She has successfully created a membership, licensing and franchise business model with her DivaGirl community; currently having 8 Canadian/USA franchisees and sourcing new female leaders.

Laura has been titled Canada’s Top Young Entrepreneur of 2010, one of Canada’s Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs of 2009, Nominee for the Arts Entrepreneur of the Year, Nominee for the Emerging Performing Artists of the Year, Nominee for Best Personal Brand and Titika, Lole and Lululemon Ambassadors. Laura was also the Co-Owner and Producer of the Chic-A-Boom Room, building the company for 3 years, as a dance production & booking house of female entertainers across Canada, having a presence in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Kelowna.

She has also been featured in the first edition of the Toronto CRAVE book, featuring the sassiest women entrepreneurs in the city and was also be one of the 19 women across North America, featured in the HealthyGirl’s Deliciously Radiant.  She has or is on the Board of Directors for the Dance For Life Foundation, Spoke Club, Rethink Breast Cancer’s BoobyBall and the National Ballet of Canada’s Turnout.  She also was the Co-Creator of Brandapoolza, alongside Leanne Grechulk of HealthyGirl, who was promoting personal branding seminars for entrepreneurs.

Finally, Laura is the Owner & Founder of Sexy & Wealthy in Heels, educating, inspiring and featuring female entrepreneurs who are smart, sexy and successful. Their licensed events/seminars will be hosted in over 20 Canadian & USA cities, educating and inspiring women (in less than one year).  Through her brand, she mentors many start-up businesses, especially female entrepreneurs.

She is in the works of writing her first book, #SuccessBabe™ (having produced a first edition eBook), launching in 2016 and to be rolled into online programming and international business retreats.  She is also the Founder of her first “give-back” initiative, Divas Abroadwhich is a volunteerism trip experience to educate & empower women internationally.  They went to Belize in 2015 and will be heading to Nepal this November 2016.

Her inspiration and motivation is her better half, Travis Johnson, a successful entrepreneur who runs Vancouver Circus School and Inner Ring Circus, the largest circus school in Western Canada.

The success of her brands, repertories and programs, have featured her in numerous media outlets such as the Toronto Star, Global Television, CBC, Much Music, Rogers Television, City TV, The Slice Network, OMNI Television, The National Post, The Mississauga News, CHUM FM Radio, CBC Radio, OMNI Radio, Canfitpro Magazine, Optimyz Magazine, Metro-Living-Zine, Fit Your Style TV, SNAP Newspaper, That Channel Radio, She Inc., Women Legendary Lives, She Talks, Crave Network and more.

She is on a mission to empower women.