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cheetah girl

Who is a City Leader Entrepreneurette?

A Sexy & Wealthy in Heels City Leader Entrepreneurette is a fun, fierce and fabulous woman, who builds the Sexy & Wealthy in Heels brand in their city.  Along with receiving a complimentary membership, you will be positioned as a female leader who helps female entrepreneurs to be smart, sexy and successful.  Exclusive rights will be given to the City Leader Entrepreneurette for ownership of their territory.  We work with the ladies on our team to help them run and execute our signature seminars and events.  The City Leader Entrepreneurette is expected to take an active role in being a leader and the main contact person for Sexy & Wealthy in Heels in their city, while they embrace a lifestyle of female empowerment.

You will be positioned as a female leader in your community and given all the resources and support needed for success!  Not to mention, being part of a great network of ambitious and influential women.

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