#FabFriFeature: Kathy Yardley (Orangeville, ON)

We are proud to highlight Kathy Yardley as our #FabFriFeature this week!

  • Your name?: Katherine Yardley
  • What is your business?: Headwaters Physiotherapy – 2 multidisciplinary healthcare clinics
  • Name three things that a female entrepreneur needs to be successful and fabulous in business?: A vision, confidence and motivation
  • Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone – what are three things that you love about being your own boss?: I have the autonomy to shape my days how I like. I never miss a kids concert and I always get my workouts in!
  • Who was your mentor/inspiration to strike out on your own?: My Mother-in-law
  • What was the biggest challenge when you went from working for a company to working for yourself?: Learning to delegate tasks and maximizing efficiencies throughout the day
  • How do you stay motivated? : I look into the future and envision what I am working for!
  • What are your tips for those who come up against blockades as an entrepreneur? : Obstacles are there to teach you and make you grow- look at them as a positive experience
  • Can you share your most memorable experience as an entrepreneur? : Winning Young Professional of the year in 2017
  • When do you feel the most fulfilled?: When I have the chance to make a difference in someones life
  • What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about being an entrepreneur?: That is it easy
  • What are your “must-haves” to keep your business going strong? : A good team, a strong vision and a true passion for what you do
  • Looking back, is there anything you would approach differently? : NO – the journey has been wonderful!
  • What does being “sexy” mean to you?: Being confident and happy in your own skin
  • What are three ways that your business makes money?: Seeing patients, selling products and doing seminars
  • What money management tips to you have for female entrepreneurs?: Start investing young. Use the power of compounding!
  • What are your top three tips to be wealthy… in heels?: Watch your spending, invest early and create a diversified passive income stream to compliment your active one
  • What does “success” look like to you? : Having a healthy passive and active income coming in
  • What does “being wealthy” mean to you?: Having enough money to satisy all your needs and some of your wants
  • Company URL: www.headwatersphysio.ca

#FabFriFeature: Liza Glucoft (LA)

We are proud to introduce Liza Glucoft as our Fab Friday Feature.  Read up on her tips for women in business.

  • Name three things that a female entrepreneur needs to be successful and fabulous in her career?
    Hustle, hustle and more hustle. But seriously, you have to be willing to log the long hours. It’s also important to really love what you do.

  • Being a boss isn’t for everyone – what are three things that you love about being a leader in your field?
    I’m a bit of a control freak so being in charge suits me. I like knowing how the ship is going to be steered. I also love being able to mentor young female (and evolved male!) producers. As for being a leader in my field, I like forging into new territory and getting to try things. Usually the inception of something is a more experimental phase, which suits my natural curiosity. Also that means you get to lead the way, blaze the trail, and set the tone (see: control freak.)

  • Who was your mentor/inspiration to follow your dreams and/or strike out on your own (for those of you that own your own business)?
    I couldn’t chalk it up to one mentor. I think having a vast support system is important. A lot of times people give advice from their singular experience so cultivating a support system where you can understand different points of view is important.

  • How do you stay motivated?
    My goals are always expanding. Every time I reach a level, I think ‘Okay, I got this; now on to the next. ‘You can’t help but be motivated if you’re always looking to best yourself.

  • What are your tips for those who come up against blockades in their career?
    Perseverance and resilience; not everything is going to be a win and you have to get up from that. You must have a real delight in your work, optimism, and above all a strong work ethic.

  • Can you share your most memorable experience in your career?
    Selling my first show! Nothing has been more exciting than that.

  • What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about being a boss?
    That it’s less stressful because you don’t answer to anyone, because answering to yourself is even harder!

  • If your personality could be captured in a pair of shoes, what would they be?
    Dorothy’s ‘Red Shoes’. They represent home, wonder, and the endless possibilities of imagination.

  • What does “success” look like to you?
    Being at the top of people’s minds when they want to make an engaging, quality show

FabFriFeature: Jenn Betts (Los Angeles)

We are proud to highlight Jenn Betts, as our Fab Friday Feature.  Read up on her success tips for women in business.

  1. Name three things that a female entrepreneur needs to be successful and fabulous in her career?
  • Confidence
  • A support system of family and fiends
  • Hustle

2. Being a boss isn’t for everyone – what are three things that you love about being a leader in your field?

  1. Being a leader means you get to help create and set the trends. I’m constantly evolving and trying to stay creative and aware of industry changes for my clients.
  2. Even when you are a leader, you are constantly learning. I’ve been in PR for years and I also had a second career in Nursing. I hold a masters degree and worked as a family nurse practitioner. Being a boss means you get to devote time to improving and evolving your skillset.
  3. When you are a leader you get to say no. You can be more selective in the clients you work with, the people you spend time with, and the things you are willing to do. Saying no can be very empowering!

3. Who was your mentor/inspiration to follow your dreams and strike out on your own (for those of you that own your own business)?
My inspiration is my parents. They taught me everything I know about business. I definitely got my gift of gab and my work ethic from them. They are both still working hard in their 70’s and loving it. They taught me to love what you do.

4. How do you stay motivated?
I believe in being INNOVATIVE. Which is the name of my company. I hold true to its name. That’s the only way to stay on top, and push yourself to be better.

5. What are your tips for those who come up against blockades in their career?
I am born and raised in Los Angeles California. I have a, masters in Nursing, I have overcome so much; you have to be willing to rise above obstacles.

I think three big obstacles in my life are:

  • In 2001, I under went a tragic accident and lost the vision in my left eye. I was just finishing my bachelors in nursing school and had to overcome recovery, depression, the loss of an organ, and finish with honors. This has been the hardest thing I have tacked in my life.
  • In 2016, I had to learn that my business partner at Pivotal PR had taken one of the biggest companies I helped make global, forcing me to end our partnership and start my new firm,  and move the company to Innovative while being in my third trimester of pregnancy, and pick up the pieces.
  • I have yet to have any investors of all three of my companies, and will continue to gross revenue and build entrepreneurial projects without financial backing.

That’s the kind of attitude and perseverance you have to have to make it in this business. In any business really, to be a boss, means to have grit. I’m sure you wouldn’t know I had been through that by looking at me, but I have. That’s my advice; you have to keep going. Don’t let anything get you down.

6. Can you share your most memorable experience in your career?
One of my most memorable experiences has been working with Beautycon. I remember when this festival was just starting out in its first year. The planning and strategy around this event really excited and challenged me. Over five years, I helped to grow this festival into a household name in the beauty and lifestyle world, garnering over 20B media impressions.

7. What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about being a boss?
I think people imagine that when you work for yourself you have all this free time and can make your own schedule. While you do have more control over your schedule, you are constantly working. Being a boss means never really truly turning off, you just have to try your best to find balance!

8. If your personality could be captured in a pair of shoes, what would they be?
In PR, you need a pair of black Jimmy Choo pumps! I think they represent me because they are classic, chic, and hold up well over time.

9. What does “success” look like to you?
I think it’s important to be able to respect yourself at the end of the day.  I am invested in my team, and I put loyalty above all us. I make great publicists and when it is their time to leave, it is hard. I also feel a great sense of pride and success in knowing I helped them become the best they could be. Success is really about feeling happy and fulfilled by your work.

#FabFriFeature: Rashi Bindra (Toronto)

We are proud to highlight Rashi Bindra as our Fab Fri Feature this week!  Read up on her success tips for women in business.

  • Your name?: Rashi Bindra
  • What is your business?: Pearls & Sequence
  • Name three things that a female entrepreneur needs to be successful and fabulous in business?: How to manage people . How to be true to herself and not to give up because of society stereotypes
  • Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone – what are three things that you love about being your own boss?: I get to chose whose dreams I can turn into reality.
  • What was the biggest challenge when you went from working for a company to working for yourself?: Getting used to the uncertainty.
  • How do you stay motivated? : Surround my self with people who remind me why I started this in the first place
  • What are your tips for those who come up against blockades as an entrepreneur? : Lose the fear ..struggle is part of it and do it at your own pace.
  • Can you give some tried and true advice about building a following?: Keep it real..don’t buy followers.
  • When do you feel the most fulfilled?: When I see a satisfied client.
  • If your personality could be captured in pair of shoes, what would they be? : Good point. A classic black loub. Classy elegant but tall and strong
  • Facebook: Pearlssequence
  • Twitter : Pearlsnsequence
  • Instagram : @rrashib @pearlsnsequence
  • Your Email: rashib@pearlsnsequence.com

What our City Leaders are saying about Sexy & Wealthy in Heels (Testimonials)

Want to be part of our leadership team?  Here are what our City Leaders are saying about our program:

  • “Working with Laura Furtado and becoming a City Leader for Sexy & Wealthy in Heels in Montreal has re-invigorated my passion for being an entrepreneur. The signature seminars are well thought out, researched and so turn-key to present that it makes launching them into any city simple and effective. I love helping and educating other women and working with Sexy & Wealthy in Heels allows me to do this while also networking, building my own business, and continuing to grow as an entrepreneur. As someone who is relatively new to Montreal, this has not only been a great business opportunity for me, but a way to get out into the community and find new friends and meet like-minded women. I’m beyond excited to see what the future holds with Sexy & Wealthy Heels!”
    Davida Gragor- Montreal City Leader 
  • “After attending my first Sexy Wealthy & Heels event, I was so impressed that I immediately signed up to be a member and less than a year later, I’m so excited to come on board as a City Leader Entrepreneurette! Laura Furtado has built an amazing community of aspirational women that I am constantly inspired by. The business opportunity Sexy & Wealthy in Heels is fantastic for any woman who is driven toward success but wants to have fun along the way. For me personally, it’s the perfect way to build my own platform as an entrepreneur and attract clients for my business, but more importantly it’s an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded women who want to achieve great things.”
    Lisa Richards- Downtown Toronto City Leader 
  • “My experience as a City Leader with Sexy & Wealthy in Heels has been incredible. It has allowed me to connect with so many amazing and like-minded women. I love the energy that is shared at our events! I truly believe what we do is bringing women together to collaborate and create sustainable businesses. I look forward to building a strong Sexy & Wealthy in Heels community in Chicago and beyond!”
    Olivia Pereaz- Chicago City Leader 
  • “I’m extremely excited to share that I recently sat down with Laura Furtado, Owner of Sexy Wealthy in Heels. We sat down for a 6-hour training so that I could start my own business and become the Sexy & Wealthy in Heels’ Leader for the Philadelphia area. I have to say that Laura is a dynamic and smart woman. I have learned so much in the time I have spent with Laura. She broke everything down in the simplest terms. She made me feel so confident about what’s to come. There are no limits when you believe in yourself and you have an awesome mentor to guide you along the way. I am looking forward to living out my dreams and wearing heels while I do it! Sexy and Wealthy in Heels is truly a life changing opportunity. I really feel equipped to go out and conquer the world! This experience so far has been phenomenal. I am looking forward to changing lives and inspiring other women to their greatness.”
    Alicia Knox- Philadelphia City Leader 
  • “Embarking on my entrepreneurial journey was a pretty daunting experience. As my idea shifted into being a real business, I found that I needed to add some more people to my circle to help me navigate this transition. Having a group of professional mentors and supporters has been the key to my success. I joined Sexy & Wealthy in Heels as a way to not only grow my own support system, but to extend all of the knowledge and experience I’ve incurred as a young, female entrepreneur.  Working with Laura has been a lovely experience. She is very inspiring and I feel confident that my training as a Sexy & Wealthy in Heels City Leader will not only make me a better mentor for the women in my community, but help me to refine my own business skills.”
    Zoey Dash- Toronto Beaches City Leader
  • “I was honored to be presented with the opportunity to represent Sexy & Wealthy in Heels in my city of Calgary! The training was simple, everything I need is provided for me, Laura is AWESOME at responding to every question, I have promptly and explaining in detail all I need to know. She truly cares about the success of the girls she is working with! Not only do I get to share my story and inspire other women to reach their goals, but I have the opportunity to grow my OWN success story! Thank you Laura!”
    Vanessa Pressaco- Calgary City Leader 
  • “I’ve been seeking a more leveraged way to network and gain visibility in my business community to grow my clientele and the Sexy & Wealthy in Heels City Leader Entrepreneurette program has offered me the perfect vehicle to do so. I now have access to solid systems, training and support but most importantly, an already established, like-minded community and instant credibility through the Sexy and Wealthy in Heels brand. It feels awesome and really effortless to deliver the done-for-you, content rich seminars that take the guess work out of hosting a stellar event but what I love most is that I’m making a difference to other business owners while having a fabulous time along the way.
    Tamika Auwai- Mississauga City Leader 
  • “Since joining Sexy and Wealthy in Heels as a City Leader, I feel a lot more confident as an entrepreneur and as a leader. The monthly status calls are my favourite part.  The monthly check-ins help me stay on my game and keep track of my monthly, seasonal, and annual goals.  Additionally, they are also tailored to my specific needs and requirements, which has resulted in a lot of personal growth in a short amount of time. This has been a great experience fine-tuning my business skills.”
    Sarah Weinrauch- Scarborough City Leader 
  • “Working as a City Leader with Sexy and Wealthy in Heels has been an amazing journey thus far. I can’ t wait to bring to the community the Fabulous Seminars and Events going into 2015. Laura Furtado is a great Mentor and very supportive.”
    Melanie Fry- Oshawa City Leader 
  • “I am thrilled to share my experience with the one-on-one personalized training I received from Laura!  She truly is an amazing leader and teacher. Her training is concise, and delivered expertly through various styles making the information easy to understand and utilize.  I cannot wait to see what this opportunity will bring for myself and the amazing ladies in my community!”
    Carene Schroeder- Sherwood Park City Leader
  • “It’s an honour to be a City Leader for Sexy and Wealthy in Heels and to be a part of a growing international network of female business leaders who aim to inspire and support other women on their paths of successful entrepreneurship. Working closely with an established serial entrepreneur like Laura Furtado, and learning her approach to systems and marketing has been a wonderful hands-on education into the franchising model, as I concurrently grow my main retail business to include additional retail spaces and income streams.”
    Jigme Nehring- Vancouver Leader

Interested in joining us?  Join our female leadership team and become a City Leader today!  Contact us at hello@sexyandwealthyinheels.com.

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#FabFriFeature: Emily Webb (California)

We are excited to have Emily Webb, Founder of MyLucke App, as our FabFriFeature.  She is helping to solve the parking crisis in metropolitan cities.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

  • Name three things that a female entrepreneur needs to be successful and fabulous in business?
    Strength that no one can break, infinite determination and a strong network.
  • Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone – what are three things that you love about being your own boss? Having daily freedom, ever increasing confidence and ability to execute my visions.
  • Who was your mentor/inspiration to strike out on your own? My first mentor was Matt Draper, from Clarkson University. He believed in me and supported by offer me support from the Universities incubator, where I had the opportunity to meet a plethora of super talented startups. Matt was always honest and respectful, and gave me inspiration to believe in myself and whatever it was I wanted to create. The limitless belief in my own potential was unveiled by the help of Matt.
  • How do you stay motivated? I’m naturally motivated. I’ve always been a busy body- always getting myself into one project or another, or a bunch! I do exercise a lot, which helps with my energy levels and overall motivation. I eat healthy and make sure I stay balanced in all facets.
  • What are your tips for those who come up against blockades as an entrepreneur? Surround yourself with advisors and mentors who can assist you with your endeavors and help you work through tough times. Build a well-balanced team and always listen to what everyone has to say. Your team can bring clarity when you feel you’ve hit a blockade.
  • Can you share your most memorable experience as an entrepreneur? Receiving the company’s first seed investment check and wanting to frame the receipt from the bank the first time I made a deposit.
  • What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about being an entrepreneur? All I know, is that I’ve wanted to start a business since I was 14 and that feeling has never gone away. Ideally, I’d like to start a few companies. Being an entrepreneur isn’t by choice; it’s a calling. A challenging one, but I am incredibly happy and grateful to be on this journey.
  • If your personality could be captured in pair of shoes, what would they be? Rainbow Flip Flops
  • What does “success” look like to you? Success, to me, is not measured by wealth, it is measured by happiness. I feel most successful when I am truly happy with my life.
  • Website
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Strong on Prospects, Strong on ROI: The MBA in North America

Employers in the US and Canada targeted holders of the MBA degree with renewed relish between 2014 and 2015. Indeed, the number of new job opportunities available to MBA graduates in North America rose by a whopping 26% in this timeframe, according to an annual survey of MBA jobs and salary trends around the world performed by QS, organizers of the QS World MBA Tour, which comes to Toronto on February 4th, 2017.

That’s pretty good going when you consider that the existing size of the MBA employment markets in the US and Canada – the first two countries to offer the qualification – are currently the first and fifth-largest in the world.    

Employers in the US and Canada also appear to be increasingly outward-looking when it comes to their recruiting efforts. While only 19% of employers told us that they were hiring on a global scale in 2014, this proportion doubled, to 38%, last year – a strong indication of their capacity and desire to expand their business interests. Indeed, pursuing plans for growth and expansion are often central reasons why employers wish to hire those who can list an MBA qualification among their management credentials in the first place.

Opportunity backed by financial rewards

Female Header

As well as the opportunities, the financial rewards are there too. Employers in Canada told us they paid new MBA hires an average of US$99,300 in base salary across 2014/15. This compares very favorably to the equivalent figures on offer from employers outside North America, ranking eighth for salary in the world last year, in QS’s analysis.   

While many prospective MBA students today are motivated by more than mere money alone, these salary figures are important if only because of the investment – in program fees and foregone salary – one must make to enroll in a top program. The increase in salary you can expect to look forward to on graduation is a critical aspect of your subsequent return on this investment (ROI). We’re not just talking about a hike in salary, pre to post-MBA, here. In QS’s MBA ROI report for North America, our researchers estimated that a graduate of an MBA taken in the US or Canada stood to earn a return of US$0.5 million a decade on from the completion of their degree, and a staggering US$2.57 million after 20 years.

If you’re looking to learn more about the MBA programs offered by leading business schools both in North America and around the world, why not come to a QS World MBA Tour event in one of 23 cities across the US and Canada? By attending, you can speak directly with admissions directors and you’ll also become eligible for QS’s exclusive MBA scholarships.