Benefits of Mentoring


Did you know that on average, entrepreneurs who engage in consistent mentorship have more successful outcomes?  Some benefits of mentoring and coaching include:

  • Perspective – a conversation with a mentor will provide a different (and more experienced) perspective aside from your own
  • Experiences- a mentor can tell you about past experiences to ensure you don’t make the same mistake as them, and can give you tips
  • Insights– a good mentor will be able to get you involved in meetings, events, or in other work related experiences
  • Contacts- mentors can share their contacts with you
  • Skill development– mentors will be able to pick out your own unique skills and help you excel in them
  • Encouragement- mentors are there to help you and your business flourish, so having someone there to tell you that you can do it, or that all the bumps in the road will eventually lead to a better business helps with your confidence
  • Long-lasting relationships– although your mentor is usually only there for a short period of time, if you both get along and form a relationship, you will always have someone you know you can rely on and have when you need someone to talk to about problems in your business

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