#FabFriFeature: Rashi Bindra (Toronto)

We are proud to highlight Rashi Bindra as our Fab Fri Feature this week!  Read up on her success tips for women in business.

  • Your name?: Rashi Bindra
  • What is your business?: Pearls & Sequence
  • Name three things that a female entrepreneur needs to be successful and fabulous in business?: How to manage people . How to be true to herself and not to give up because of society stereotypes
  • Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone – what are three things that you love about being your own boss?: I get to chose whose dreams I can turn into reality.
  • What was the biggest challenge when you went from working for a company to working for yourself?: Getting used to the uncertainty.
  • How do you stay motivated? : Surround my self with people who remind me why I started this in the first place
  • What are your tips for those who come up against blockades as an entrepreneur? : Lose the fear ..struggle is part of it and do it at your own pace.
  • Can you give some tried and true advice about building a following?: Keep it real..don’t buy followers.
  • When do you feel the most fulfilled?: When I see a satisfied client.
  • If your personality could be captured in pair of shoes, what would they be? : Good point. A classic black loub. Classy elegant but tall and strong
  • Facebook: Pearlssequence
  • Twitter : Pearlsnsequence
  • Instagram : @rrashib @pearlsnsequence
  • Your Email: rashib@pearlsnsequence.com